Friday, July 15, 2011

E's art...

Elliott Worley is an amazing little artist. He always has been. Lately, he is really into trains & has drawn these fabulous pictures to prove it.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monday, July 4, 2011


Today is her birthday. So, here are 27 things you never knew about Erin...

1.) She was born on the 4th of July.
2.) She was also born holding a tiny squirrel. His name was Figgy.
3.) When Erin was 2, she had to have a head replacement. Before that, she looked a lot like a troll. (This might explain why she then went on to start a Troll collection. It's real. And it scares me.)
4.) Her favorite thing to watch on TV is fuzz. She just stares into the blackness and eats (usually around 3) bags of Pirate Booty popcorn.
5.) She exercises 7 times a day. Her favorite class at the YMCA is "Unusual Ways To Contort Your Face While Riding On Horseback."
6.) You don't want to make her laugh too hard. She pees. Every. Single. Time.
7.) We took her to the zoo one time and then we had to wait 4 hours for the kind zoo workers to get her out of the Coy Pond. She loves those fish.
8.) She dressed up as a camel one year at Halloween and then she spit on people that walked by.
9.) Erin likes to shop. Mostly for Trolls and miniature glass rocket ships.
10.) If you take her to the movies, she will insist on sitting under her seat. Not sure why...
11.) Her favorite color is white. She likes white because it reminds her of cotton. She loves that stuff.
12.) Never ask her why she only wears lipstick on her bottom lip.
13.) NEVER introduce her to your grandmother. This will end poorly.
14.) She really likes the word "yuletide" and she uses it all the time. It gets really confusing.
15.) Right after high-school she moved to Alaska for 3 years. She spent her time in a cabin writing a book titled "I Can Hear The Hooves." ...That must have been such a scary time for her.
16.) She loves to weld.
17.) Don't ask her about the little honey-pot she wears around her neck & the bee she keeps in a plastic bag...
18.) Her first crush was on President George Washington. They have the same style.
19.) Sometimes if I am really quiet... I can hear her crying...
20.) She loves pizza. That's just plain true.
21.) The name Erin has 23 variant forms: Aeran, Aerenne, Aerin, Aerynne, Airin, Aren, Arin, Arinne, Eire, Eirin, Eirinn, Eiryn, Eirynn, Erienne, Erina, Erinn, Erinna, Erinne, Eryn, Erynn, Kerin, Terin and Taryn.
22.) She keeps a fish-bowl in her room but it's not for fish. She keeps her underwear in it.
23.) She wanted to be a meteorologist when she grew up... but she's still growing up.
24.) You can't take her anywhere. Just learn this.
25.) Her roommates keep trying to destroy her MC Hammer pants, but they keep returning... leading us to believe that she has an endless supply.
26.) 26 is the age that Erin no longer is.
27.) 27 is the age that Erin is now.