Thursday, December 11, 2008

  • elliott is still mr. sicko.
  • tomorrow night is our school holiday program (can any-one say "rite of passage"?)
  • seth is leaving for the mexico lands on saturday morning. im excited for him, because he needs to get away. but i am of course sad for myself...
  • i can't wait for our 1st annual gingerbread making party on saturday afternoon.
  • elliott and i will be decorating while "da-da" is gone. but it probably won't be a surprise since he reads my blog.
  • i am tired.
  • i am ready for winter break.
  • my throat is sore.
  • life is too much for me sometimes.
  • i am so aware that it is "much more too much" for others far more often than for myself.
  • thank you baby jesus.
i will have a big picture update at the end of this crazy-eventful weekend...

hope you are all well my dears.

ps: it's snowing. and it's lovely.

oh, and also... i can't wait to see these boys!!!

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