Monday, December 29, 2008

So, my mom may have issues with what I'm about to say. It's only because I don't remember why she told me this story over and over again when I was a little girl... and for THAT very reason, I'm sure she is disappointed. I'm sorry mom. Anyway, she used to tell me about this one time when she was young (I don't remember exactly how young)... but it was a very youthful age. However, she was old enough to be on her own (I think). ANYWAY, she said that she went to the pantry to find something to eat, but the only thing she had was a can of peas. How sad is that? A freaking can of peas. Mom, do you even like peas? She probably told this to me so that I would be thankful for what I had, or maybe it was to light a fire under my ass to make sure that I made something of my life, or perhaps she just wanted me to clean my room, or be nice to my sister or something. I don't know. Here's the thing though... If you open a door, and there's only one thing left... then there's one thing left. Ya know? Maybe you've used everything else up, or maybe you never had any to start with. I just think that when there's only one-something left, that should be the something you make count. I feel like if I opened the pantry of my life tonight I would find a lot of crap that I should probably just throw away. I would want to be left with that one thing. The one that matters. The one that I want to count for something. And so there, in the story of my blog title, I have found something to look for this year. It's never the end if there's something left. Even a little something. That means more to me right now, at this time in my life, than you could ever know. I love you mom.

Here is a little preview of two of the illustrations from my book. I am so close to finished! They are still rough, and in much progress, but my story is about a cowgirl boot named Evelyn. The idea came from a poem I wrote. It's totally adorable in a dorky kind of way. I can't wait to share more with you all!
Seth's best friend is home. This makes us happy like fat kids.
I had to share this photo. It's my husband and my sister's long time boyfriend. They are definitely playing very old school video games. And losing. I actually don't know if they are or not...
And now, let's watch Elliott eat a roll...

The End.



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KK said...

I love Evelyn. But I kinda like her best friend more. But I won't reveal any details here...just in case.