Thursday, December 4, 2008

some randoms...

Elliott hates cheese. I keep trying to get the kid to love cheese as much as Urkle, but it's not going to happen.
He loves corn. I'm serious. He really, really, loves it. We have to stay stocked. Or should I say "stalked"?
Bad jokes are bound to happen.
I am currently loving clementines and pistachios. I may eat my entire surplus of them this evening. I really might.
I have not yet purchased a new camera. I want to get a really nice one eventually. I'm using an old one for now. However, I have left it at school for the past two nights, along with the pictures of the new holiday work in my classroom. I will share all of that tomorrow.
The E-tron has also been making this "to-die-for" face when he gets upset. I have GOT to capture it on film before yet another adorable phase comes to an end.
Don't you hate that? When your baby outgrows something that you were loving so much? I do.
Hopefully the future can only promise more adorable things...
He is also sick today. Yes, again. 104.3 temp.
I bought two Christmas magazines... so excited. I can't wait to be free, so I can bake cookies, finish my book (which is more than halfway done now) and snuggle with my little Elli-Belly.
I feel good today.
But tomorrow could always be another story...

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KK said...

I'll hate cheese with him. Its okay.