Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hmm.. let's see..

What have you missed? Oh right! I went to put some folded clothes away the other day, and when I came back.. this is where I found Elliott..
In the machine..
Dryer baby.. *(He was not harmed!)
Also, Lo and I became fashion designers.. more on this later!
AND! E-rock does his breathing treatments all by himself! We are still working on it, but it's awesome!
AND!!.. I finally finished the Twilight Saga. Oh me oh my. I heart you Edward Cullen.
um.. yum.

Tash, find this one for me while you're wandering around in London OK!


Jackie said...

I seriously want your kid. He is just too cute. And I'll also take those 2 top left dresses.

NiTasha said...

best ever.
i showed my mom & dad and they laughed. dear lord.

and i'll be sure to pick that up for you next time i'm in london. noooooot a problem. =)

today. i am sly in tie. (slyintie) like a foxy mildred.