Sunday, January 11, 2009

So, funny story...

My sister and I ended up at the Ryman tonight for a Bryan Adams show.. random! But we had so much fun. Really. Truly. I have a lot I could say about this. However, it's probably the wrong forum. Sammy-Sue, do you know why that might be??? I think so. ANY-WHO.. I love my sister so much. She is such a special person. To me, and to the bettering of human kind. She's lovely.
Also, at a very fragile time, when life feels so breakable, I'm thanking God for my amazing friends. It's such a blessing to have people in my life that aren't afraid to face the unknown with me. Real friends, that share their pieces, and help me finish the puzzle..

may you all be filled with peace and hope.



1 comment:

samantha.sapp said...

yes, yes i do know why.
i know wayyyyy too much.
and i'm having visuals.
and it hurts.
so much.