Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just a few things...

Hi friends. Just wanted to catch you up, so here's some info:

1. We are super stressed-out around the Worley residence. With all of Seth's video deadlines, The Time Closet, and the crappy weather (that has prevented me from getting Elliott to the park), we are just seriously losing our minds! On top of videos, rain, tornadoes, and general busy-ness, we are trying to close on a house in 2 weeks... WHAT!?! yeah... (more on that later if all goes well)...
2. So, please pray for us.
3. I am thankful that Elliott goes to school with me. I love that I can check on him, give him hugs, know and love his wonderful teachers as friends, and watch him play on the playground through my classroom windows... (I got this picture of him today, and a kiss)... (OH!.. and don't worry, he's on the playground. He's not in baby-jail)...
4. I love and want this couch/clawfoot tub!..
5. I NEED it to be time to go to Boston already!!!
6. My mom TOTALLY rocks, and she gets to live with me when she is old and has fake teeth.
7. I am a very lucky girl who likes to be dramatic.

Love. Love. xoxo.

ArleyWarley ♥

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erin said...

you and your quirky, lovable crew encourage and delight me. All luck with the house closing!