Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Dear Apartment #3207,

I will not miss how tiny you are.
I will not miss your lack of hardwood floors.
I definitely won't miss your crappy dishwasher.
I won't miss your parking-lot.
OR that climb up and down the stairs every-day.
You were safe.
You were within walking distance of the nearest Starbucks.
You were close to people that I love.
And, you were my baby's first home.
You are where he learned to crawl, walk, and scream!..
He will miss you. To him, you are home.
We may be moving away...
but you are forever in my heart.
When I think of these times, and tell stories from our first year as parents...
I will think of you.
I wish you well!



And now, it's time to go...
Welcome, welcome, new chapter of my life!

1 comment: said...

Moving is so exciting. And hard work. But fun. And exciting. I would tell you to take lots of pictures (except you already do) because we moved when Maggie was 18 months old. I thought for sure she would remember the old place. Nope. Not a bit. Nothing. You will need proof.