Tuesday, May 26, 2009


why am i laughing you ask?
well.. why not?!
i am drowning in my work/life-load.
our new house has lots of work to be done.
there are flying ants in my bedroom... are they eating my house? maybe...
we need 8798939384 million dollars to pay our electrician, buy a new dryer, build a fence, fix my car, and... everything else.
elliott has weird bumps on his face! not ok.
and countless other things!

but... OH WELL! hahaha!!!

im just gonna be happy anyway, and trust God blindly. what else can i do? answer: nothing.

love. love. love.

1 comment:

Nikki said...

life's an adventure.
killer antbees and all!
call me if you need another hand- i have 2 to spare.