Tuesday, May 5, 2009


{edit} i got a stomach-bug. it was not fun. i believe that we are being seriously tested.

i am so tired.
of everything.
just tired. tired. tired.
my husband is exhausted, and worn completely out.
and he is still not done with all his work.
he will be staying up all night... again.
my kid is sick. always.
we have been sharing a car for a week now, because they just can't seem to get it together over there at hell-mark volkswagen.
we have to be in our house in a month, and i just found out that seth will be gone for 8 days in may...
two sets of thurs-sun.
not only does that leave me in single-mom-hood, but...
when are we supposed to move?!
we keep having to dish out the money we are trying to save on stupid stuff...
like broken cars, and medicine, and bleh...
i was hoping to use it for some nice household items. i guess not.
i feel trapped. in a box full of nothing.
i have so much to be thankful for... but right now...
all i can think about is how annoyed and frustrated i am!
and people don't very often give you a break.
the world does not stop for one human...
we are always in motion. always.
even while we sleep, this stupid earth keeps spinning around and a-freaking round.


drama over.


t.w.bedi said...

i can lift stuff in tennessee in less than a couple of weeks. let me know if i can do anything to help. not that seth can't lift things. he can lift two glenn-boys.

Arley ♥ said...

hahahahaha. yes. yes he can!

Jeffrey said...

yeah and if you want to, I was really wanting Seth to do another movie for no money this summer and on into next summer.
BUT, the trick is that we'll think it will be done sometime in January.

(but seriously, I'll help you move boxes too.)

erin said...

Arley, one of my summer jobs through high school/college was being a professional mover/packer of dishes and belongings. Me and my little paint-smeared camry would be happy to help. Just say what you need, and when.

Lauren (smith) said...

I an help too! my dad and mom both have huge trucks that hold a ton of stuff. i can borrow one of them and help you move stuff. or i can watch E-rock while you guys move...whatever you need.