Monday, June 15, 2009

Welcome to our house!..

Please keep in mind several things:
1. We still need to paint!.. AND add lots of shelving to our office, plus a new work-bench/desk. Our goal is to make it a messy, yet organized, creative work-space!.. (you'll see)...
2. We need a BIG floor rug, some plants, more wall art, bookshelves, and to distress the TV cabinet in the living room...
3. Elliott's room still needs shelves and storage bins, and I'd like to get him a new floor rug also...
4. AND, pretty soon, he'll need a big boy bed!!! AHHH!!!..
5. E's bathroom needs to be painted, and he really could use a cuter shower-curtain...
6. He also needs to learn to use the toilet!..
7. Our dining-room is still missing a table. Our sweet friends Dave & Steph are giving us their old one, but we just haven't made it over there yet to pick it up!..
8. But don't worry, Elliott is keeping the chairs company for now...
9. I need hooks in the kitchen for aprons, and brooms and such. Also, I'd like to cover the chairs that go to the kitchen table with some cute vintage fabric...
10. Curtains are a MUST for the kitchen windows. Otherwise, we're going to go blind around 6:30 every night!..
11. Chalkboard paint will make an appearance too!..
12. Our bathroom also needs a curtain, new shower curtain, and storage shelves!..
13. The back-yard needs a fence!.. and a play-gym & swing for E-rock!..
We also need a few other random things. But let's face it... we always need a few other random things!

I hope the house will be groovy enough to start having a few low-key parties this fall, to celebrate the new-ness!



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