Friday, July 10, 2009

How to set up for a family reunion:

Step 1. Go to Texas.
Step 2. Eat lunch with your brothers.
Step 3. Hold some flowers, and smile like you're doing something important.
Step 4. Decorate.
Step 5. Build a stage for the kids.
Step 6. Laugh about something (anything) funny!
Step 7. Take a picture with your sister.
Step 8. Make Matt blow up 40 guitars.
Step 9. Start a band with your spouse.
Step 10. Hang stuff on a wall.
Step 11. Grow taller than your grandmother.
Step 12. Bring something yellow.
Step 13. Be related to people.
Step 14. Change your name to Karla Worley.
Step 15. Make a pb&j for the cutest kid you know.
Step 16. Hide.

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