Saturday, September 19, 2009

The rest of today in Quads:

my new obsession.
rose + pepper.
mint + lines.
ugly + mugs.
coffee + reading.
Arley + at Lola's house.
Arley + Lola is taking too long to get ready.
stars + we are.
we + went to the fair.
swirly-twirly + rides.
omg + we're gonna' die.
we Jesus + funnel-cakes.
hmm... let me fill YOU in. after the fair, Lo and I saw a car on fire. people were screaming to call 911, and that maybe there was a person inside... oh my sweet goodness, it was terrifying. they said to us "GET OUT OF THE WAY BEFORE IT BLOWS!"... horns were honking, and so much was happening at once. we got lost on the way home because we were so confused we couldn't think straight. we checked the news relentlessly for 2 hours trying to see what we could find out... but NOTHING. i really hope everybody was ok. THEN... I came home to find Seth and Darren writing their short film. it's scary. it's really scary. they were both scared. so scared in fact, that Darren is now sleeping on my couch... til' tomorrow morning :)

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