Sunday, October 4, 2009

E's weekend...

FIRST-ever movie at the theatre! and of course it was Toy Story in 3D!!!
He tried to pay for the popcorn with his ticket, and the next picture is dark but soooo cute :)
and THEN, we made cookies with Sam and Eli...
are they not the cutest ever?!..
sprinkles anybody?..
what-up cookies?..
I'm pretty sure they tasted every single one...
hope your weekend was grrrreat! E got a hair-cut :)



1 comment:

NiTasha said...

ooooooh sweet heaven be praised at pumpkin-time. AMAZING.
also. have you been in yankee candle recently? it's a bit ridiculous. these halloween smelly stuff smell like our apartment used to. like goodness.