Monday, December 21, 2009

26 things I want to do before I'm 27...

get a tattoo.
take E to the beach again.
bring the brilliant idea I just had to life.
make a bird-cage lamp for our house.
get a new pair of glasses.
lose the remaining undisclosed amount of pounds to get to my goal weight.
give up soda.
learn how to garden.
visit Lola in Hollywood.
potty-train my kid.
go to RVA with the gals.
make Dharma hoodies.
sew curtains for the windows.
get in the habit of reading my bible every-day.
organize all my clothes and shoes (this is a much bigger task than one might assume).
join a gym.
write a letter to whoever is in charge, concerning the need for a Starbucks in East Nashville. (this might go against the whole, "local coffee shop vibe" we've got goin'... but seriously, let's get real people... )
go to NYC.
read a really good book.
think of a really fabulous way to celebrate Seth's golden year.
dye my hair RED!
cover our home in amazing photographs.
have a party in the summer-time that's full of laughter.
become more appreciative of all that I have.
finish a painting of Buzz and Woody for Elliott's room.
fly a kite.
get a cat.

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adelic said...

I like reading your posts! Happy birthday!