Saturday, January 16, 2010


let's see, what have you missed?.. oh yes, i painted a hamburger for the famous art-wall at 555.
melly gave me an awesome gift... but i forgot why it was so awesome, so she stopped being my friend.
erin got weirder. i know, i didn't think it was possible either.
thank goodness that's over. ok, and, we tried to melt a big bucket of ice at school using salt, but i got impatient and took the kids outside so we could bust the ice apart with a hammer, and then watch it melt in the sun... yes i did.
lauren came over so that we could paint a Lovely Bones series for her office. E painted too. on his face.
i painted a ship in a bottle, a penguin in a snow-globe, and a tree. all icons from the movie.
happy with the outcome!yay. but for reals, watching that film is like volunteering yourself to be punched in the face for 2 hours.
and on that note... bye!

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