Friday, July 9, 2010

Some cute things E has said...

When two men on a motorcycle rode by our car, he said: "Those are two mans and two basketballs (referring to their black helmets)."

Talking about The Big Bad Wolf in comparison to Buzz Lightyear: "The Big Bad Wolf (does) not have two lasers, No."

and after reading a few bible stories he said: "I want the whale to eat the big giant (Jonah and David and Goliath)."

He's insisting these days that there is a bear in his room, and he will not go in there by himself. He's also sneaking into our room at night lately. Last night, Seth woke me up and pointed to the little boy snoring in our bed. Cute. Real cute.

and tomorrow we start POTTY TRAINING. Gonna go shopping for Toy Story underwear and throw the diapers away. Should be eventful...


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Mary Lindsey said...

girl, i'm potty training Harps when we get back from NC in August. Will definitely need some tips!