Thursday, November 3, 2011

This week, Thursday is for Distraction.

Well, tomorrow I will be on my way to Disney World. So today is for Distraction. Disney Edition. In this first picture here, we have a child who was clearly deemed too unattractive to be photographed with a chipmunk...
I'm not sure what happened here. I can't even guess. I'm just too sad right now.
Oh, here's a group of teenagers just enjoying their last vacation together. They didn't know that their next adventure, to Camp Crystal Lake, would end tragically...
Is that little girl flipping you off? Why yes. Yes she is. See, her Daddy didn't understand. She wanted a trip to Disney-World, AND a pony.
Yeah, this has nothing to do with Disney... but I mean, WHAT THE BEAR IS GOING ON HERE?!! WAKE UP MOTHER OF SMALL CHILD! ...Holy Smokes.
Oh don't worry. I'm sure something terrible had just happened... maybe the T-Rex from the Jurassic Park ride ate their dad... or at least someone's snow-cone.
Yes, anything you can do princesses can do better... Except this, BELLE! Eyes on the road woman! Sheesh...
K, see you soon.


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