Thursday, December 22, 2011


extra extra - E quotes...

Elliott thinks that the word "infected" is the word "invented" - so he says... "Mom! Look what I just infected!!!" it's weird.

He also told us - "I can't tell you ANYTHING about your Christmas present. ...But it IS a wreath."

And then in the car he said "Number 1 is that I can't wait to see my presents. Number 2 is that Eva stopped crying. And number 3 is that I love you Mommy."

To Seth...

While doctoring Seth... "Daddy, now show me where your heart is."

And another time... "Daddy, you have a blood-pressure of 7." Seth: "Is that good or bad?" Elliott: "We don't know."

OH - and favorite - After Seth brought silverware to the table, Elliott says: "Mommy, you need to say "Thanks babe" to Daddy."


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