Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The kids these days...

Elliott -

4 years old. VERY smart. Loves cars and trains. Funny. Sweet. Asks a LOT of questions. Very picky eater. Likes to hold his sister. Also, I can only assume he has recently been paid a large sum of $ to perfect our patience.

Eva -

5 1/2 months. CUTE. Noisy. Best laugh. Rolling everywhere. Loves her hands - looking at them and trying to eat them. Loves her brother. Smiles HUGE at anybody and everybody. A tad over-dramatic - really works the lip-quiver.

LOVE my kiddos.


NiTasha said...

when do i get to meet this babe? buhhhhhhh.

chibiwow said...

Whoa there so cute and adorable little bunch. Wishing them good health and fun days. :)
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