Thursday, March 15, 2012

Kiddie Update...

Eva has 2 bottom teeth! She's going on 8 months old, I can't believe it! ...And she's army-crawling all over the place! She loves to be carried, so she rides in her Ergo baby carrier most every day. She's not as fond of a stroller, and stays pretty attached to me. Quite the noisy baby, and boy does she LOVE her big brother. She gets so excited when we pick him up from school, and truly she is just sweet as pie! :)
*(Waiting on Brian and Christine at Pie In The Sky)*

Elliott is READING and SPELLING! He is just beginning, but learns SO fast & has an amazing memory. He is also doing all the normal boy stuff - like running around our house shooting his laser gun. :) He's also LOVING riding his bike. He is such a good big brother. Eva loves to make loud jabbering sounds back & forth with him (especially in the car) and he plays with her every day. I can't believe his first year of BYCS is already wrapping up, and then he'll just have ONE more preschool year til' kindergarten. ...WHAT? Trying to soak his childhood all in. It's flying.

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