Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hi people!

I hope you all had a fabulous day!

I am planning on giving mostly all hand-made gifts for Christmas this year. We don't have millions of dollars to spend for one thing, but also, it's much more fun and exciting for me to do it that way. Last year, Seth and I kept going out and spending lots of money to try and make the season feel more like it did when we were growing up... and I don't know about you, but it seems that the "magical holiday feeling" just kind of grows up and away with us? So this year, I am arranging lots of fun-filled events for friends and family. I think and hope and pray that time together is where the real "warm-cookie-dough" feeling of Christmas comes from... well, "that" and baby Jesus :)

However, if you are the cash-loaded-friend, obsessive shopper, or just not creative... here are some things I find wonderful (for any-body on a shopper's list)!!!

  • Anything and everything from this lovely place!
  • Also, electric tea-kettles are amazing for people who work, and obsessively drink tea, hot coco, or cider! We have one in our classroom at school, and it's amazing!
  • Art supplies! Seriously, even if you don't like art. It's really good therapy. You should always encourage creativity in every-one you know :)
  • STARBUCKS cards. They seem obvious, but I always end up with way less than I'd hoped for. They are just a Christmas essential people.
  • If your name is Arley... then you really want an amazing new camera for Christmas... hmm.
  • Blankets. I'm not kidding. I just can never have enough of them. They make my house and life so cozy.
  • And PLEASE! if you are looking for anything cute, clever, organic, original, made-to-order, interesting, or hand-made... go HERE! It's one of my favorite obsessions. Support all the artists :)
How about you all... what is on YOUR lists???????

And I'll leave you with this sweet little nut-case...


Finally... BATH HAIR!!!!!!!

Mr. Cutes...



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NiTasha said...

oh and for the record, if your name is nitasha you also want a goood camera for christmas!
i mean, what are the odds?!