Wednesday, November 19, 2008

OK, so Elliott is sick today. i don't get why he is always sick... it sucks. i just don't want him to feel bad. any-who, i can't stand the way this page looks right now. i hate the colors, and the everything. just thought you would all want to know. i have lots to do. literally. i have lots of stuff to do...

who came up with this idea? that we all should be eternally busy with no end in sight or existence??? they are not my friend.

if i can get the sick-o to bed early, i will share some photos, and the christmas-y wishes with you :)


1 comment:

NiTasha said...

poor e.
yes. i'm jobless and i feel busier than ever!!
let's hunt the person down who thought of this and feed him to the wolves.