Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's good to be Blue...

So, today at church, Seth's grandmother told me about the Blue-Stocking Ladies. I had never heard this before, have you?..

"The "Blue Stocking Ladies" were a group of intelligent, literary women in the mid 18th century who held evenings devoted to serious conversation. Both sexes were included, and the evenings were an attempt to dismantle social stereotypes that confined intellectual debate to male domain and relegated women to trivial topics. The name "bluestocking" is thought to be from the stockings of Benjamin Stillingfleet, who attended in daytime blue because he was unable to afford black evening stockings.

Since then, "bluestocking" has become a mildly pejorative word for a highly educated woman with an interest in serious academic subjects. We like the idea of reappropriating it."

Pretty cool. Cause here's the thing, I go in and out of reading binges. And right now I happen to be in the middle of one. So if you have any good reads or suggestions, let me know.

And in honor of Blue-Stockings...

XO. fancy to be learning.


MeLissa said...

Yes, yes, yes.
You're certainly a bluestockings kind of gal.

NiTasha said...

weeeeeeeee! oh i like this. ever so much!