Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Seth is playing...

video games. somebody make the loud noises stop. i'm begging you.

anywho, i had to write down this fabulous quote from E today...

while getting ready for school, we were talking about how he is a big boy and not a baby any-more. he's wearing his underwear and going potty like a champ ya know. :) but back to the story... so i'm telling him how wonderful it is that he is so big and can do all these things by himself now, and he just stopped and thought about this. then he said to me: "Mommy, i'm not getting old. i'm getting new." FABULOUS isn't it?!

LOVE this kid. like, with all my heart.

and one more thing...

i saw an interview last night with angelina jolie, and she said something i thought was so cool. she was talking about motherhood, and all the important things she wants to provide for her children like a good education, consistent discipline, and things like that. but then she said that one of the most important gifts you can give your children, is to let them know what a joy it is to be their mother.

i really agree. no child should ever feel like a burden, or that they ruined your life by being born. allow them every day to see the smiles they bring to your face.

because they're truly a blessing.


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NiTasha said...

perfect. perfect. perfect.